Logols is now offering a Pay What You Can Weekend Web Development Boot Camp in Troy, MI.
A low cost, low risk, safe place to learn to code Angular, HTML, CSS, C#, and Sql.

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Pay What you Can

Logols has a mission to provide education for everyone. With this in mind, we have a pay what you can model. This means you name the price for the bootcamp.

If you are unsure what to pay, we recommend $300. There is a $100 minimum for us to cover the cost of the venue. Can't afford this either? Send a message and let's talk.

Also, you will need a laptop.

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Why Logols Bootcamp?

Logols bootcamp was created to quickly provide an introduction to web development including in demand skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, C#, .Net Framework, and Sql.

Logols bootcamp focuses on 3 out of the top 9 most in demand programming languages right now according to The Coding Dojo.

Logols is a weekend program bootcamp and avoids the huge up front costs of other bootcamps to provide a low risk way to start your application development journey.


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Meet the Mentor

Joe Mackie

Joe has over 15 years of real world application development experience. He has been working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, .Net, and Sql throughout that time period. He has had various positions such as Programmer Analyst, Senior Software Engineer, Application Development Manager, and currently Application Development Team Lead.

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